21 October - 5 November

A Caccia di Farfalle. Lo spirito del collezionista

Galleria Carlo Orsi

"Those who go in search of emotions as if they were rare butterflies, those who spontaneously dream of a close personal union with art, know that in the name of beauty and its unstable truths, they will inevitably fall in love many times, face probable disappointments and have much time wasted in that same pursuit".

Gian Enzo Sperone

The exhibition, which re-examines the fascinating collecting histories and provenances of the works on display, is intended to be an opportunity to reflect on what drives us to collect works of art. In fact this “hunt for butterflies”, as Gian Enzo Sperone recalls, is nothing other than a path full of joys, obstacles, stumbles, loves, passions, mistakes, and strokes of luck that every collector, or those aspiring to be such, undertakes without knowing exactly what they will encounter.

His testimony is the best way to understand the attitude of those who approach collecting without prejudice and with open eyes, trying to understand the greatness of art even beyond their own limits and knowledge, as often happens with the daredevil hunters of butterflies.